REMINISCE THIS is for those of us who don't believe that nostalgia is simply a thing of the past! It is made up of memories and images of a period in Britain from 1940 to 1999. An era that we like to remember, or often refer to, as Britain's Golden Age. The idea is to get you reminiscing and maybe even chatting about all things nostalgic. Some of you may even like to contribute your own articles based on a personal memory, family history or a topic that you think other might find interesting. Further down this page we tell you how to contribute.

On most of the pages you will also find a Forum Link button which will take you to our interactive community where you can share your memories or just generally chat about things. Feel free to browse first. It costs nothing to sign up, we don't take personal details from you and you won't receive any junk mail as a result of joining.

CONTRIBUTING ARTICLES: Reminisce This would be happy to have well written articles based on a British nostalgic theme, perhaps a top ten list, or a piece of family history that other may be interesting in. You can initially contact Reminisce This via email at to discuss your idea or send contributions to the email address. Articles can be about any subject provided they are relevant to the content of the site.

Articles on this site may not be reproduced without permission of the relevant author but reserves the right to publish and retain submitted articles on the site once they have passed the editing stage and agreement has been reached. Authors are fully within their right to publish their own articles elsewhere. It is the decision of the site owner whether or not to publish a submitted article and for how long it remains on the site. It is the site owner's decision where to publish the article on the site and which pages link to it. You acknowledge that does not pay for submissions. is supported by advertising revenue. The site owner reserves the right to add advertisements to the page that includes your article. does not accept material of an explicit sexual nature. does not accept material that is offensive, racist or defamatory.

If you don't wish to contribute but have a suggestion for an article let us know by emailing us.

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