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Reminisce This is a privately owned website that was first launched on an unsuspecting public in or around April 2003. The site was inspired by the diaries/reminiscences of 'a Sheffield girl', which came about following a small article on Television Heaven as part of a review of the 1960s pop music TV show 'Thank Your Lucky Stars'. It occurred to me that there were a number of people with interesting stories to tell that would not be told otherwise, and I wanted to create a platform for them (blogs hadn't been invented yet).

Believe it or not the Internet was nowhere near the behemoth it is now just 15 years ago (how times have changed), and in those pre-Facebook (other social media is available) days not everyone knew how to get their stories out there. So the idea was to create a website that recalled the so-called Golden Generation era of Baby Boomers from 1940 up to the end of the millennium (by which time we were all feeling our age a little). There was no preconceived idea what direction this would take and the site just developed naturally.

As I became involved in other projects Reminisce This got sadly neglected and in spite of undergoing several format changes it never really developed beyond the original idea. So, with a bit of time on my hands I thought I'd regenerate it one more time, bring it up to date so it could be easily read on modern devices (i.e. tablets and android phones) and add a few new articles.

New articles are always welcome if you'd care to offer them, but please note I am not in a position to pay for them. The site is not a profit making venture and the small amount of advertising you may come across simply offsets the running cost. By submitting articles they will be deemed as suitable for publication on the site which retains the right to publish them indefinitely unless stated otherwise. The articles will, however, remain the copyright of the original author and will not be used by the site in any way to publicise the site or gain profit from it by publishing it elsewhere. 

In putting the site together I've been given and have enlisted the help of a few individuals who deserve a mention.

Freda Brown - the original and one-and-only Sheffield Girl

Bob Edwards - the man from the black country who has suffered terribly from his support of West Bromwich Albion FC (I feel your pain).

Bill Hawksford - who sent me his memories and his pictures (from the USA where he was living) and who told me he'd be in touch after he came out of hospital. Sadly, I never heard from Bill again. I salute you, sir. 

Jake at Vertanet who took my latest design and turned it into a reality. Highly recommended.

When all is said and done it's just a bit of fun. Laurence Marcus - November 2018