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The Profumo Affair

John Profumo

Involving sexual intrigue, political subterfuge, a Cabinet minister, a Soviet agent and a teenage prostitute, the Profumo Affair became the most explosive political scandal in Britain in post-war years and precipitated the fall of the Conservative government. To many it marked the end of the straight-laced fifties and the start of the sexually liberated sixties as the public lapped up each new sordid revelation and the press gleefully dished the dirt on John Profumo, and cast serious doubts on the efficiency of the security services. Read more by selecting this article in the menu.

The Great Train Robbery

Great Train Robbery 

In the most daring crime in British history on the night of August 8th 1963 a 15-member gang intercepted the Glasgow-to-London mail train and made off with £2.6m in used bank notes. The audacious nature of the crime captivated Britain and launched a massive police hunt. Read more by selecting this article in the menu.

The Kennedy Assassination


On 9 February 1964, 'Today' magazine in the UK published one of the first full-length articles on the JFK assassination and asked the question "Did two gunmen cut down Kennedy?". Reporter Larry Ross asked a crack shot of world repute to test what the magazine then called an 'astonishing theory' about the death of President Kennedy. And the publication boasted "No matter what the official findings may yield (for the 'Warren Commission' were still in the process of investigating the assassination), this expert view on the murder that shook the world cannot be ignored". Read more by selecting this article in the menu.